Garbage chute provides an easy and convenient method of garbage collection in multi-storied buildings. Garbage chute is the best way to consolidate garbage from around the building into a single location for easier collection. Manufactured from Stainless steel grade 304 sheets and chute thickness varies from 1.5 mm to 3mm. Chutes are available with a diameter of 500mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm and 900mm. N.B We will also manufacture to customer’s special requirements.


Linen chute are installed in multi-storied hospitals and hotels for vertical movement of soiled linen/laundry. Our chutes meet most stringent requirement of environment, health and safety.


• There are two push buttons provided on all hopper doors. One is for Recyclable and other is for Non-Recyclable.

• Press the recyclable push button to throw the recyclable wastes.

• Then the corresponding signal is passing to the main control panel which gives the information to actuator. The actuator starts functioning and it actuates the movable Separator door to open the recyclable delivery port. Same time the non-recyclable port will be closed completely. This will take 3 seconds to move Separator Door 600 mm radial distance (from recyclable to non-recyclable port).

• Open the hopper door only when the push button lights ON. And throw the garbage which will be collected in Recyclable Trolley placed under the Bi-Sorter Unit. At the same time all other hopper doors will be locked automatically.

• Same procedure is for Non-Recyclable wastes.


The Stainless Steel Intake Doors are located at every floor for easy access to dispose garbage bags. Doors are hinged at the bottom and equipped with gas springs to make them self closing.

Doors have self-sealing and self-locking electromagnetic interlocking mechanisms which allow opening of only one door at a time and lock all doors during cleaning and maintenance. Pilot lamps are provided on each intake door which indicate the door status (locked or unlocked).


Access door is located below the vent tube on the last floor. It is used for accessing the equipment in case of maintenance or revision of the chute. When opening the access door, the equipment located inside consists of the motor unit, solenoid valve, brush, disinfecting and sanitizing unit, designed to give manual or automatic brushing of the internal surface of chute.


Centrifugal roof fan Suitable for application in residential and industrial environments, for factories, hospitals, nightclubs, offices, theatres, apartment blocks, gyms, restaurants, etc...

Automatic Foul Air Exhaust Fan Installed at the top of the chutes, usually above roof level this ventilator maintains a smooth flow of fresh air within the refuse chute. It normally changes the air by approximately 40 times per one hour. The foul air exhaust fan helps prevent the escape of any bad odors or explosive gases released by aerosols etc, through refuse hoppers or into the refuse room.


It is part of the automatic cleaning system of the chute, the sanitizing unit mixes soap along with the water where by the interior surfaces are sprinkled with water from alternate floors by sprinklers of ½” Capacity. It is recommended for use with every chute installation where proper operation and maintenance of the sanitizing unit reduces the immersion of strong odors and germs.


The main electrical Control Panels are indigenously designed at our well equipped factory to meet the specific requirements of each garbage chute system. Control panels are made of high quality components in accordance with industrial quality standards.

The control panels consist of main isolator switches, indicating lamps and controls for activating functions such as cleaning cycle, exhaust fan and intake doors.


Specifically designed to clean the total vertical length of the internal surface of all chutes. The system is factory fabricated as an integral unit ready for immediate on site connection. A cylindrical housing with replaceable stiff nylon brushes is automatically lowered and raised by a geared electric motor. The nylon brushes scrape and clean the internal surface as they move down and up the chute. The water supply for flushing the chute, the electric motor and the built in safety overloads, are all individually controlled by a wall mounted control panel.


All metal refuse chutes can produce, uncomfortable levels of noise. A factory applied coating of a proven sound dampening compound will reduce noise level produced by resonant vibrations in metal refuse chutes. Factory applied 2mm thickness sound damping coating will be provided over the total area of the exterior surface of the refuse chute.


Glass bulb sprinklers are recommended for fire protection inside the chute. Minimum requirement would be one sprinkler at the head of the chute in each chute. And additional sprinklers at every intake throat. Sprinkler: 1/2” IPS, 68°C (165°F). Glass Sprinklers can be used in conjunction with a normal water supply at a pressure of up to 8 bar.


Normally this type is widely used in both garbage & linen chutes. This type has a horizontal rolling door held by springs on each side connected to a fusible link. In case of excessive heat (or fire) the link gets fused at 165°F causing the door to roll shut.


Factory fabricated from the same material as the refuse chute, but additional sheets will be reinforced to withstand the impact of falling bags. Also it reduces the speed of falling garbage materials.


High quality galvanized steel and HDPE Garbage Trolleys are available in sizes 1.1, 2.5 & 4.5 cubic metre capacity. These are designed to be used with waste collection vehicles. Trolleys have easy to operate hinged lids and are fitted with heavy duty wheels.


Compactors are suitable to take high volumes of garbage. Garbage bags are directed to the compactor through a hopper and its volume is reduced by using a ram. The compacted garbage is then pushed to garbage trolleys. Using compactors will reduce cost of garbage disposal.